Tips for Riders

Safety First!

-Check Vehicle safety – Make note of the make, model and year of the vehicle. Ask questions regarding tires, seat belts, windshield wipers or any other condition that may interfere with an enjoyable and safe trip.

-Registrations, Insurances and Licensing – You can see this information on the drivers listing page.

-Ask any and all questions ahead of time that may be points of trouble such as special needs, pets or provisions.

-While traveling with drivers from be sure to consider how you feel about their driving. If something concerns you – say it. Our website relies a lot on reputation gained through people they meet here. Share your experiences to help others.

-IF the Driver shows any signs of impairment or an inability to drive DO NOT RISK IT. We do BAN users from using the site who violate the spirit of and endanger the riders.


-Consider your comfort needs and levels. Ask the driver any questions you may have regarding heat, air conditioning, smoking, vaping or even your preference in driving speeds.


-Be on time! Once you make an arrangement, be respectful of the drivers time and be ready to go based on your mutual agreed upon criteria.

-Be Friendly and Respectful! As a passenger in someones vehicle be sure to check with them regarding food, beverages, smoking, vaping or any other condition that will be involving their vehicle and respect their wishes. REMEMBER: We want to help you find your exact perfect personal driver match. They are out there!