Tips for Drivers

Safety First!

-Check Vehicle safety

-Registrations, Insurances and Licensing

-Ask any and all questions ahead of time that may points of trouble for you or your client such as special needs or provisions.

-DRIVE CAREFULLY AND SAFELY. Follow all rules of the road to maximize the safety of you and your client. Remember: One of the number one causes for a second appointment with a client is that they were not injured during the last appointment.

-How do you feel? If you have consumed alcoholic beverages or consumed prescription medications that may impair your ability to drive DO NOT DRIVE!

-If you are feeling ill, dizzy or sleepy to such a degree that it affects your driving DO NOT DRIVE!



-Create a welcoming experience! Describe it on your listing.

-Will you provide beverages or snacks?


-Be on time! Once you make an arrangement, be respectful of the clients time and arrive promptly!

-Be Friendly! Your clients will comeback again and again if they are happy. A lot of this depends on you.