Do I Need Special Insurance to Drive Passengers?

Here at Rides For You we do not sell or offer insurance and we are certainly not legal experts. We have done some research and can help you find your answer.

The Short Answer Appears to be Yes!

The Good news is that it seems the cost is fairly low. With common and major insurance companies it seems to range anywhere from $15 per Year to $15 per Month. So be sure to check out your options when you chat with your insurance provider.

There is a type of insurance called Ride Share Insurance which can be added to your normal insurance policy. Your insurance company may use a different name for this.

As an alternative if you plan on making this your main business you can consider asking your insurance agent about Commercial Policy for your vehicle.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope it has helped you get a better idea of what, if any, changes you may want to make to your insurance policy. Be sure to check in with your insurance provider to see what options they offer.

Safe Driving, All!