Is this your main income? Can it Be?

Are you thinking of turning your driving skills into a business or starting your own team of drivers? Here are a few resources and ideas that may help.

1. Cover your Bases! Make sure your driving projects are covered by proper insurance. Here is an interesting article on the topic. Please Note: Our website is more like a Classifieds Listing Platform. We do not charge your clients nor offer any insurance options.

2. Check the applicable laws in your state regarding self-employment as well as driving. Consulting an accountant would be the best way to go.

3. Here is a resource you will want to take advantage of if you do not already have a store front on the internet.

The website is called

It is an ideal place for someone to get the most value for starting a new business venture FOR FREE. It has a great community vibe as well as a facebook group and will allow you to get your name out there by taking advantage of their many free tools and SEO exposure!

You get your own store front page and cart to make checking out easy for your clients, invoice management and sales reports are available FOR FREE as well! This would be especially useful if you are building a team of drivers.

Do yourself a favor and give them a visit.

That’s it for today, guys! I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful.

Safe Driving, All!