10 Tips for An Effective Driver Listing

  1. Take advantage of the Title! The title of your listing is usually the first thing people see. Try to focus on key ideas and grab the attention of the viewer. Once your client contacts you they can get to know you, but for right now this title is what will bring them in.
  2. The Standard Package allows you to have 3 locations on the map which means you will show up in more searches by people looking for a ride.
  3. Make your Main Image an eye catching image of you vehicle.
  4. Do not skimp on the Video Attachment Feature! Make a youtube (or other video sharing service) video and have it show directly on your listing. Tell your clients what you are all about and make your listing really stand out!
  5. Use the listing image gallery to display more images of your vehicle or show case photos of happy clients.
  6. Be specific. What type of driving jobs are you looking for you.
  7. What makes you different? People are used to playing a kind of roulette when using internet platforms to find a ride. Help them get to know you in your description and get more return clients.
  8. Do you accept pets? Do you allow smoking? Are you willing to do long road trips? Ask yourself questions like these to create your description.
  9. Promote your Listing to family and friends on other platforms such as bizzbinable, facebook, twitter, instagram or any number of other places where you can get your name out there.
  10. TAGS ARE GREAT – Use the tags on your listing to improve your search results as well as SEO in search engines. Use tags that represent the scope of your driving as well as specific names of places you will drive to or from. An example of tags may be “grocery, pets, cvs, rite aid, shop rite, stop and shop, mcdonalds, burger king, long drives, talkative”. Be creative and think a bout what potential clients may type into the search box! Note: all business names here are for tag references and are owned by their respective copyright holders.

That wraps this list of ideas that will help you grow your audience and get more clients! If you think of any other tips that may help other drivers be sure to comment below.

Safe Driving All!